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The Nocturnal Illusions...

What could be better than an oasis in a hot desert, the image of god in a dire moment or a two day two night jamboree in the middle of the year. This is for all the nocturnal owls of the human race, a chance to immerse in events after events of stimulating, energizing, refreshing realities better than dreams. It’s not often that you witness an event so huge in magnitude that it redefines your definition of grandeur. You may fail to realize that these glittering opportunities do not come through often. So, we here at Resurrection would love to give you the stage to break though and spread your wings. The fourth edition of Resurrection will be bigger and better in every possible way as it’s being built from scratch on the sole ideology of becoming pan India’s largest cultural extravaganza. This year also the events have been planned with immense pride and joy which will leave you wanting for more overshadowing every other fest you’ve ever attended.